Local Lola Time:

Lola is a standard gray chinchilla.
Her birthday is April 28, 2013.
 She lives in Chicago, IL, USA


    Her favorite treats include timothy hay, goji berries, rolled oats, and popsicle sticks. When she is really good she might get some dehydrated pineapple or papaya. She chews and gnaws on wood without actually eating it because it helps keep her teeth nice and short.

    To keep her fur clean Lola will roll around in dust.

    She tends to be most active at dawn and dusk - but she does enjoy a late run in her wheel.

    How soft is Lola? Really soft.

    Her favorite song. She also loves this one and that one.

    Where is Lola? The camera unfortunately can't cover every angle of her cage.

    Wearing fur is gross.
    Photo of Lola
    Photo of Lola
    Photo of Lola
    Photo of Lola
    Photo of Lola


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